A crowd will applaud a firework but not a sunrise

Friedrich Hebbel

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Image- and Productfilms fulfill the desire of the customer to inform himself before making a buying decision. Through movement and dynamic a film gets more attention than any other medium and transports at the same time more information than text or photos. Your video will convince through a well-thought exciting dramaturgy and skilled editing. Inventive and humorously we implement your wishes and communicate valuable content. Tell your company’s story, let customers and partners speak, broadcast the itinerary, or just let the images speak for themselves.

Make use of the possibilities and inspire your current or future clients. With our creative and honest realization and through our combined development of ideas, we’ll emphasize your goals.

Our recommendation: 90 seconds video.

We are looking forward to a first contact at mail mail@ajfilmandphoto.com.

Imagefilm Holbox is one of the best kitesurfing spots in Mexico with white sand, turquoise sea and good winds.

Travel impressions Besides filming the sunrise over English Bay and Vancouver in Canada, I realized this short travel impression video.

Social media This social media clip came into existence from unused footage of Best Riviera Maya.

Videos for hotels • vacation rentals • real estate BRM offers luxury apartments, e.g. the Villa Amalfi.

Documentary Shirley, a cosmopolitan city dweller takes us from modern and thriving Shanghai on a search of one of the last great mysteries of her childhood: the fabled “Golden Lotus” – the women with bound feet.

Timelapse for social media The beauty of nature shows exceptionally well through timelapse videos and will wow your social media community.