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Why video marketing?
Millions of users view daily videos online, thus more and more enterprises make use of the possibilities of video to address their target audiences. Besides the homepage, films can be shown on video platforms and social media channels to amplify their reach. Social media is great way for online word-of-mouth advertising, with the beneficial side-effect of better search engine placement (as videos on your website better your google ranking). Not only do videos amplify your reach, they also improve the trust in your company and help clients make buying decisions. View examples.

How video can help your enterprise
• 96% % of the customers find a video helpful to make buying decisions
• 58% of the customers trust more in a company with video
• 71% say that video make a good first impression
• 77% assume that companies with video offer a better service and put effort into customer ties
• Google ranks websites with videos better than without, the chance to land first place are 53x higher
• videos can be racalled longer than just fotos and text
• the average retention time on a website with videos is 8x higher than just with text